A different take on sliders

I love the Fall…the cool weather, the leaves changing color, Halloween and, of course, the flavorful hearty food.

In my hunt for new dishes to try, I came across a recipe for pumpkin cinnamon rolls. That got the wheels turning in my head for a sweet and savory mix…pumpkin cinnamon rolls stuffed with sausage which evolved into pumpkin rolls for sliders using pork sausage instead of burger patties and an apple cinnamon chutney to top it off.

During one of my “bad movie nights”, I decided to try this idea out.

Pork sausage patty with sage, ginger cole slaw on a pumpkin roll

I made the dough the night before using this recipe. I admit I have very little experience with making dough; I ended up adding a little too much flour so the rolls came out a little dense but were still edible. The pumpkin flavor was very mild. I would use this recipe again, though I would maybe add a little bit more cinnamon and spice to try and make it less “white bread roll”-tasting.

Due to time constraints, I opted to buy Jimmy Dean’s pork sausage with sage rather than prep my own patties. Surprisingly, these were pretty decent and a time saver!

I thought the sliders needed some “crunch” texture-wise and wanted something to compliment the pork. I scrapped the idea of the chutney and decided on a ginger cole slaw.   I used a bag of pre-cut slaw mix, mayo and a mixture of freshly ground ginger and ginger powder to make it.  In regards to amounts, I just followed the usual mayo to slaw ratio and added ginger till it was to my tastebuds’ liking.   The slaw had a nice crunch, spice and also added some color as well.

The overall consensus by my guests were that these sliders were a hit though some thought I had a heavy hand with the ginger. 😉

It’s an easy dish to make and one where most of the work can be done ahead of time…perfect for a quick meal or for a party.