Sweet potato + carrots + honey + ginger = yummy mush

I got the urge to experiment in the kitchen again.

I had bought some sweet potatoes (or are they yams?  the white-fleshed ones) and had some phyllo dough leftover from another experiment…hrm…mashed sweet potato cups!  To flavor up the sweet potatoes, I boiled some carrots, added honey and ginger and some curry seasoning and a little bit of milk and mashed it all together.

Phyllo dough is still a pain in the arse to deal with if you are not very experienced with it.  I managed to line a muffin tin with some decent looking pieces.  I scooped the mixture into it and topped with some minced chili-spiced dried mango.  Baked in the oven till the phyllo was nice and crispy-brown.

It came out tasting really good.  There’s a initial sweetness but at the end of the bite, the ginger and curry come out with a little kick.  The phyllo gave a contrast to the mushy texture and so did the minced mango bits.  I think a regular muffin tin was too big as there was too much filling compared to the amount of phyllo.  A mini-muffin tin should make for better bite-sized pieces and textual ratio.

Since the mixture wasn’t blended well, I got a mosaic of orange carrot, yellow mango and white sweet potato.  A little bit of green would help with the visual…maybe sprinkle some garnish…green onion?

You could opt to leave out the phyllo dough and just serve this as a subsitute for mashed potatoes to change things up.

Sorry, no pictures.  My camera batteries were dead.  😦