Dae Jang Keum

When it comes to Korean food, this is where my coworkers and I come for lunch when I’m in town. Why? Their dolsot bibimbap (hot stone pot with rice, meat and vegetables). For $10 (including tax and tip) we get a huge bowl of this yummy goodness. The bowl is always steaming hot so that you get that nice crust of crunchy rice at the bottom (provided you let it sit long enough). For you vegetarians, you can order it without meat. The bibimbap sauce they serve here is not spicy-hot; rather it is really flavorful and adds to the dish.

There are a lot of other items on the menu. The bento boxes (also $10 with tax n’ tip) are a good deal. The spicy pork bbq one has a lot of heat to it so only order it if you like to take a walk on the spicier side. The chicken and beef are safer bets if you want something flavorful but won’t burn your mouth. Sometimes, the bbq beef can be a little on the greasy side, though. It comes with rice, a large helping of salad, 2 pieces of California roll and vegetable tempura. And if available, there’s also a piece of shrimp tempura as well. Note, though, that the bento boxes are only available M-F during lunch.

Other dishes I’ve had here is the mul naeng myun (a cold buckwheat noodle soup), mandu guk (dumpling soup), bibim naeng myun (buckwheat noodle dish mixed with the bibimbap sauce) and kimchi jigae, all of which are good and remind me of what I grew up eating.

The banchan here is great and changes every time we come though the staple kimchi is always present.

There’s the “cook your own meat” option that most people think about when they hear “korean bbq” though I have not tried it here.

The service is typical of all Korean restaurants I’ve been to…you have to ask for what you want , including refills on water since they won’t come by to check on you.

3 1/2 NOMs for Dae Jang Keum!

Dae Jang Keum
7905 Engineer Rd
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 573-2585