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Burgers r’ Us

I’ve been thinking that maybe I need to do a “Fast Food Burger Wars” experiment.  Some people *coughWestCoastcough* swear by In-n-Out.  Others by Five Guys (yeah, I’m looking at you East Coast people).  Then there are others who are all about Sonic.  And, of course, there’s the small percentage of people that love the Whopper or the Jumbo Jack or whatever else other fast food joints serve up burger wise.

I’m thinking a blind taste test of:
Five Guys
Whopper (Burger King)
Big n’ Tasty (McDonald’s)
Famous Star (Carl’s Jr)
Jumbo Jack (Jack in the Box)

Unfortunately, there’s no Sonic near me.
All burgers would come with whatever regular toppings are included and cheese.

Hrmmm…  Just need some taste testers.  Interested?  🙂

A sneak peek

Husband and I and a couple of friends went to Taste of a Nation today in Culver City.  It was a phenomenal event for a great cause – ending childhood hunger.  I ate some amazing food and got to meet….

Chef Michael Voltaggio!

Hrmm…Husband’s right. I really do have a big round head. 😛
Yes, I’ll be posting about it but first, I’ve got to finish up Providence!! Stay tuned…

Ding! Cabinets are done

For those who are interested in how our kitchen renovations are going, the cabinets were finished yesterday.

loving the dark color

Now for some counters and backsplash

So a sledgehammer walks into my kitchen…

How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? Husband and I spent ours having a housewarming party (finally) on Saturday, going to a bbq on Sunday and then going to the Getty Villa on Monday. I also finally offloaded a ton of pictures from my camera and cleaned up some of them.  That means new posts soon!

Today, this happened to my kitchen.  Yup, the refacing has started.  They expect to be done by Thursday which is nice.  But we won’t get our new counters in till the 15th!!!  Yikes…

There's a hole in my wall...

Eat My Blog!

I’m excited to participate in the 2nd annual Eat My Blog charity bake sale on Saturday, June 19th from 10am to 4pm at Tender Greens in West Hollywood.

Over 70 bakers will be donating scrumptious treats such as carrot cake cookie sandwiches, bacon chocolate chip cookies, homemade salted caramels and strawberry balsamic cake.  I’ll be making mini versions of this delicious almond tea cake sans strawberries.  All items will be priced between $1-4.

100% of proceeds will be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.

Besides bloggers’ baked goods, local chefs and restaurants such as Chicks with Knives, Starry Kitchen, Bakelab, Fraiche, Tender Greens and Drago Centro will be donating special treats.  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will also be on hand serving up hot drinks to help wash down all the yummy eats.

Come out and support a great cause!

Click for a bigger versions

Back from Vegas

I’m back from a lovely relaxing vacation in Vegas.  I’ve got pictures to offload and posts to write…

Husband spoiled me by taking me to my first ever Cirque de Soleil show, KA!  OMG, spectacular.  We also ate at the Planet Hollywood buffet, Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & Grill in the MGM Grand and a cafe at the Sahara as well as the “restaurants” at our hotel, the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Strip.

First up, though, my birthday dinner last Wednesday at Providence!  Hope to get that done tonight…

Tonight, Tonight

I’m going to Providence tonight for my in-town bday celebration! I seriously can’t wait. I’ve been bouncing off the walls and drooling since I found out that this shindig was on! Going to get a small dinner (thinking the foie gras ravioli) and then do the full dessert tasting menu.

Then tomorrow evening, it’s off to Vegas… *zoooooom*

Who’s an excited kitty? That’s right, ME!!!!!

Edit: I have to say though, I’m kinda curious what tomorrow will bring.  I have this weird thing where accidents happen on major birthdays.

21st Birthday – witnessed a horrible car accident
25th Birthday – was in a car accident…with a semi.  Fortunately, it was at slow speeds so no one was hurt…cept friend’s brand new Prius.
30th Birthday – ???
As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with the plane or me ending up with a wrecked car or anyone injured, I think I’m okay.

Logo update!

The talented Mrs. Tanya Bjork designed a new logo for me! You didn’t know kitties could use chopstix, did you?
Please visit her site and check out her work.  It’s really amazing…

Slowly back to normal

We FINALLY have internet connectivity in the house!  Actually, sort of had it since Monday afternoon but thanks to an uncooperative modem, we couldn’t connect any of our machines save my old dinky laptop.

Been horribly busy unpacking which is doing wonders for my allergies.  Those of you who own stock in Kleenex, you’re welcome!

Took a break last night to attend my first Yelp event at the J Lounge in Downtown LA!  Twas fun and had some good eats courtesy of Fresser’s, Flying Pig Truck and Buttermilk Truck.  Photos and a writeup forthcoming…along with posts about the Alice in Wonderland tea set from Royal/T in Culver City and sushi from Nozomi in Torrance!

But in the meantime, back to unpacking…and helping Husband fix a busted front door knob…*sigh*.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another!