So a sledgehammer walks into my kitchen…

How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? Husband and I spent ours having a housewarming party (finally) on Saturday, going to a bbq on Sunday and then going to the Getty Villa on Monday. I also finally offloaded a ton of pictures from my camera and cleaned up some of them.  That means new posts soon!

Today, this happened to my kitchen.  Yup, the refacing has started.  They expect to be done by Thursday which is nice.  But we won’t get our new counters in till the 15th!!!  Yikes…

There's a hole in my wall...


5 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to see what the new kitchen is going to look like. We went to some kitchen warehouses over the weekend so I can drool over all the toys I want.

  2. I actually just purchased a home and will also be redoing the kitchen. Who’s doing your cabinets and counters? What kind of countertops are you using?

    • Congrats on the home purchase!

      We went thru Home Depot. They are not the cheapest but they are not the most expensive. We decided to do a refacing on the cabinets rather than get all new cabinets. They look really good! We got the Silestone counters since quartz is supposed to be more durable than granite and less maintenance. And it’s got the built in Micro-ban technology.

      • Nice! I think I’m going to go with a solid surface countertop in stark white paired with some darker cabinets–trying to go for a more contemporary look I guess. In any case, keep us updated.

      • We got lighter counter tops to offset the dark cabinets we went with. I think the light counter/dark cabinets is a great combo. 🙂

        The cabinets are all done! iPhone pix:

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