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Tonight, Tonight

I’m going to Providence tonight for my in-town bday celebration! I seriously can’t wait. I’ve been bouncing off the walls and drooling since I found out that this shindig was on! Going to get a small dinner (thinking the foie gras ravioli) and then do the full dessert tasting menu.

Then tomorrow evening, it’s off to Vegas… *zoooooom*

Who’s an excited kitty? That’s right, ME!!!!!

Edit: I have to say though, I’m kinda curious what tomorrow will bring.  I have this weird thing where accidents happen on major birthdays.

21st Birthday – witnessed a horrible car accident
25th Birthday – was in a car accident…with a semi.  Fortunately, it was at slow speeds so no one was hurt…cept friend’s brand new Prius.
30th Birthday – ???
As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with the plane or me ending up with a wrecked car or anyone injured, I think I’m okay.


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