Miscellaneous misc

Working on my post for Day 2 of the Hawaii trip.  Husband and I had a great dinner at Imari, one of the restaurants at the Hilton Waikaloa.  I tried abalone nigiri!

I didn’t get my carne asada fix while in SD yesterday but I did get some Pat & Oscar’s breadsticks…  I think these are possibly the best breadsticks out there.  Fluffy, buttery, garlic-y…mmmmm.  What are your favorite breadsticks?

And I have to share this link because this guy is awesome.  He “waffle-ized” bibimbap!!! http://www.waffleizer.com

Husband and I are currently packing up our house for the big move in a couple of weeks.  I think I need to take Alton Brown’s advice and chuck out whatever does not have multiple uses.  And a ton of old clothes.  The “I’m going to lose weight and fit back into them” excuse is no longer valid with Husband…  And closets are much smaller in the house.  😦  Good bye walk-in!

However, thanks to Groupon, I have an $80 credit at Yamashiro.  Considering taking the parents there as a thank you for coming out to help us move n’ paint…


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