Status update

I’m working on my latest post – a review of Urban Solace in San Diego.  Hoping to be able to finish it and post tonight.  But I also have a final to work on for a class… Don’t you hate essay finals? I know I do.

Came across this great article thanks to people on Twitter.  I’ve now made it my goal to try everything on this list!  Well, almost everything.  I’m not sure I could ever do squirmy octopus…  =/  While I like fresh, still moving is a little too fresh.  I’ve already crossed off two items on the list – Tito’s Tacos and Hot Dog on a Stick.  97…er…96 things still left to eat!


2 Responses

  1. So no sannakji for Rosa? ;o) It’s really not that bad, Wal Mi Do here in San Diego has it. I’ll eat that anyday, before I have bondegi soup again!

    • I would have to be in an very adventurous mood to try twitchy food… Hehehe. I do like cooked octopus though! I’ll have to mull on it…maybe after I’m done with the rest of the list, I’ll be open to sannakji.

      I wonder if anyone in my family has ever had it…

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