The Hummus Factory

Oy…it’s been over a month since I updated!  Apparently, t’is the season for nasty little bugs to infect me…  Also, the Husband and I have been tied up with buying a house!  Exciting times.  It’s got a HUGE kitchen and I’m looking forward to buying a new stove and fridge.  Well, minus having to dish out $$$…

Anyways, where have I been eating?  Not a lot of places since we are about to see a huge deduction in our accounts and trying to cut back on costs.  But I did try some place new, The Hummus Factory on the Manhattan Beach/El Segundo border.  I’ve gotten takeout from this place twice so far and, sadly, I just can’t get inspired by the food.

The first time, I ordered the combination kebob entree. The meat was moist and okay in terms of taste and seasoning but it was nothing that made me go wow or left me happy and satisfied. The Lula kebob (minced meat with spices) was the best, I think.  It had the most flavor; I ordered the entree portion of this on the second visit.  The rice they serve here is just plain white rice.  I think their dishes would benefit if they seasoned the rice a bit.  The hummus is surprisingly tasteless though the texture is nice and creamy. The stuff I buy from Trader Joe’s has more flavor. However, I do like the babaganoush appetizer. Pureed eggplant with garlic and a nice smoky flavor.

The portions at The Hummus Factory aren’t overly huge but they are filling.  Entree dishes come with your selected kabob, rice, salad (romaine, tomato and dressing) and hummus with flatbread.  The service has always been superb, quick and friendly so they get extra points for that. The interior is small but clean. The prices are affordable, the menu simple.

It’s an okay place but I don’t think I will come here anymore as the food leaves my taste buds feeling unsatisfied and wanting something more.

The Catty Critic gives The Hummus Factory 3 NOMs….one extra NOM for the affordability, wonderful service and decent babaganoush.

The Hummus Factory
1570-L Rosecrans Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90245
(310) 725-0005


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