Memorial Day Weekend – Full of Life Flatbread

Full of Life Flatbread stands on the edge of Los Alamos, a small town of 1000.  This was not a place we expected to find what my husband deemed as the best pizza he ever had.

When we arrived around 15 minutes after they opened, the place was already pretty crowded.  Apparently, the locals were quite enamored with the restaurant.  We opted for a quieter table to ourselves on the patio.  We were quickly seated and given menus.  The covers were crayon drawings from local school kids.  Heh.  As for the menu itself, it wasn’t very big but everything sounded delicious.  They offered 2 different salads and about 10 different pizzas.  All the ingredients were organic and locally grown.  Based on what ingredients they find at the market each week, FoLF also offered specials. They also had an extensive wine list (mostly local wineries) and a few local beers on tap.

One thing to note about this place is that all the pizzas are cooked in a 700° stone kiln oven in the restaurant.  (Sorry for the bad pictures…evil flash!)

Full of Life Flatbread - Market Fresh salad

I decided to start with the Market Fresh Green Salad ($5) – a medley of sweet leaf lettuces, mesclun, arugula, carrots and celery topped with toasted flax seed and a little bit of arame seaweed and a ginger, tamari and raspberry vinaigrette.  This was a decently portioned salad.  The ingredients were incredibly fresh; the vegetables were nice and crisp.  The flax seed added a nice crunch and texture to the salad.  I didn’t really notice the seaweed at all.  The dressing had a nice slight tang to it.

The pizzas here come in two sizes – 10″ and 15″.  According to them, the 10″ is plenty for one person and a 15″ is splittable between two.

Full of Life Flatbread - 10" Cheese & Herb w/ Pepperoni

The husband, being a strict carnivore, was lamenting the lack of a plain pepperoni pizza on the menu and was doubtful that he would be able to get something completely vegetable-free.   He ordered the 10″ cheese and herb pizza (Fine California Whole Milk Mozzarella, Three Sisters Raw Milk Serena, and Italian Grana Padano, Cheeses, Garlic Oil, and Fresh Garden Herbs) with pepperoni ($8 plus $2 for the add) added and the waitress assured him there were no chunks of tomatoes or other plant matter to “ruin” his pizza.

Full of Life Flatbread - 10" Central Coast Sausage

I opted for the $11.50 Central Coast Sausage (Naturally Raised Pork in a Housemade Nitrate-Free Maple and Fennel Sausage, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Cheeses and Fresh Garden Herbs).

The crust was quite good – crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.  A bit surprising accomplishment since it was pretty thin.  They put just the right amount of everything to make this a very flavorful pizza.  The fresh herbs really came through without overpowering the other ingredients.  There wasn’t too much crust or too much topping so you could taste everything.  A very well-balanced pizza!

They apparently don’t have a uniform way of cutting up the pizza and because of the crust thinness and the hefty toppings, you need both hands to prop the slice to eat it.

We did walk away with a few slices leftover since we were starting to get full but wanted to get dessert.

I think this was our favorite part…  The other half ordered the Los Alamos S’more while I opted for one of the specials, Apricot Ice Cream Sunny-side Up with a Bacon Donut (both $6/each).

Full of Life Flatbread - Apricot Ice Cream Sunny-side Up

Full of Life Flatbread - Los Alamos S'more

Overall, this was an incredibly delicious meal for not that expensive a price.  We were quite surprised at how wonderful everything was.  If it weren’t so far away, we would be eating here quite a bit.  FoLF is a definite must-try if you are ever in the area of Los Alamos, Solvang or Los Olivos.  Apparently, some people drive up from Santa Barbara (45mins- 1hour) sometimes to satisfy their craving.

They’re open only on Friday-Saturday for dinner.  On Sunday, they have a special fixed price dinner menu with wine.  The rest of the week, the staff prepares pizzas that are frozen, boxed and sent to various grocery stores.  I’ve been told they are good but not quite the same as getting it fresh at the restaurant.  I’m sure that stone oven has something to do with it.

I give Full of Life Flatbrad the full 5 NOMs.

Full of Life Flatbread
225 West Bell Street,
Los Alamos, California
(805) 344-4400


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