Dumpling Inn

Been craving dumplings for a while now so coworkers and I went to Dumpling Inn for the first time yesterday for late-ish lunch (got there around 1pm).

The place is tiny; fortunately, they had 1 table left open and it was large enough to accomodate our group of 5.   Even after we were seated, there were people coming in and out and at some point, there was a short wait.  I’ve heard this place gets crowded on weekends.

We placed an order of Xiao Long Bao, pork n’ chive dumplings, chow mein. I also added a request for jellyfish. The jelly fish here is excellent ($6.95). The sauce is refreshing and cool and the jellyfish nice and crunchy. The chow mein ($9.25) was okay but I felt that it was a little bland. The serving portion was large since it was meant to be shared family style. I loved the Xiao Long Bao ($6.95/10); however, do not shove it into your mouth right away as it is filled with super hot moist pork and a little soup. The pork n’ chive dumplings ($6.95/10) were a sad thing. The dough was extremely mushy and the taste – bleh. Skip these! I’ve been told the potstickers here are excellent and I did see quite a few people ordering them. Maybe I’ll order those next time.

The service here is excellent. I guess being a small restaurant means you don’t have to have worry about a lot of customers at one time.

As for the prices, not bad! For the two dumpling orders and chow mein, the total ended up being around $8/pp for a group of 4, including tax and tip. Not exactly a filling lunch but comfortable.

3 NOMs for Dumpling Inn.

Dumpling Inn
4619 Convoy St
Ste F
(between Dagget St & Opportunity Rd)
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 268-9638
Dumpling Inn on Urbanspoon


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