Sushi n joy – why yes I will!

Sushi N Joy is a little, hidden away spot for good sushi for reasonably cheap. I had never heard of this place till my friend told me about it and suggested it for dinner. It’s now our spot for “Girls’ sushi night out”. Judging by how busy they always are, I’m not the only one that appreciates what they have to offer.

The fish is fresh and the portions generous (as in, with each nigiri order, they add in some extra slices of sashimi). Between the two of us, our bill hasn’t gone over $35-40 (including tax and tip) yet and we leave STUFFED. And trust me, we can pack away the sushi…

The only complaint I have about this place is that the service varies. When we sat at the bar, we had no problems or wait with getting our order and refills on our drink. However, when we sat at a table, there was definitely problems on getting refills; we had to remind the waitress a few times.

They offer up an all-you-can-eat option which I have yet to take advantage of, though so far, I haven’t had a need to what with their portions and prices being what they are.  Also, they do a lot of take-out orders, too, I noticed. So if it’s crowded and you don’t want to wait a while, you have the to-go option.

Sushi N Joy gets 4 NOMs for the excellent quality & quantity vs. price ratio.

Sushi N Joy
2530 Vista Way Ste J
Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 721-1888
Sushi n Joy on Urbanspoon

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