Fresh n’ Easy – sushi

Manhattan Beach just had a Fresh n’ Easy open up so I headed down there again for groceries. The first time I went, I came away with some goodies, including a basil plant for $3! Some of their items are cheaper than the grocery stores and I like their variety of organic alternatives and mainstream name-brands.

Since I was on my lunch break, I decided to try some of their already-made meals. I picked up an egg-salad sandwich ($2 + some change) and a spicy tuna roll with 2 pieces of nigiri ($4.99). I scarfed down the sandwich as I was -starving-. The bread was a white bread, thickly sliced. Given that it was cold, the bread was a little firm and on the verge of starting to dry out. The egg-salad was more like potato-salad and I think I even had a piece of potato in there. Definitely relish-y, more than I prefer. The filling to bread ratio was great, however. I never experienced a bite where it was too bready or too egg-salad-y. And the wrapper was recyclable.

When I got home, I cracked open the sushi. The spicy tuna was good though a little heavy on the rice. The little bit of cucumber was a nice touch as was the sesame seeds sprinkled on the outside of the roll. However, it wasn’t as spicy as I would have preferred. The tuna nigiri had a nice deep red color and was fresh. A lot of times, supermarket sushi isn’t the freshest and the fish will have that fishy flavor that is a huge no-no. The rice however, was inedible. It was hard and sour.

What was nifty about the sushi box though, was the chopsticks. Half wood, half plastic, they expanded out into full-length chopsticks. Brilliant!

I might opt to try the sushi again, maybe a different box as they had several to choose from.  They also have a large variety of other meals – salads, noodle dishes, Mexican fare like enchiladas and Japanese dishes like beef teriyaki.  That’s something I want to try next.


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