We like Chi-a-nese, if you please….

About 3 years ago, while driving down Hollywood Blvd, I spotted a sign for a Chinese restaurant – Kung Pao Kitty. Naturally, as someone who goes crazy over anything either feline-related or involving food, this made me squee. It took over a year for me to venture back and try the place. By then, it was a well-established eatery that was seeing good business.

With its lanterns, red walls, bamboo plants and dim lighting, this corner restaurant is both casual and chic. It offers a decent menu that includes a good variety of meat, seafood and vegetarian options that most Chinese restaurant patrons would be familiar with. The drink menu is more limited in selection but does offer wine and beer, as well as a sake, and the restaurant has a small bar for those looking for something a little stronger. If you are a fan of black and tans, try Kung Pao Kitty’s take on it – the Black Cat, made with Chimay and Guinness.

For starters, you’ll find the usual items – cream cheese wontons, potstickers, eggrolls. The lettuce cups seem to be a popular order as I see many people gnoshing on these. I found the battered shrimp to be heavy on the coating, however, and the shrimp pieces small.

Most of their main dishes are generous on the vegetables but they don’t necessarily skimp on the meat. Sometimes, it can be a little bland depending on who is in the kitchen so be sure to have soy sauce, salt and pepper on hand. Their spicy dishes aren’t very spicy, though I tend to like things hotter. The String Bean Chicken and Szechwan Chicken were both good every time I’ve ordered them. The coconut curry dish was also tasty. The portions are large, meant to be shared amongst the group family style. Brown rice is readily available for those who are more health-conscious.

I have not ordered dessert there, being too full each time so I can’t comment on that.

The service has waffled between attentive and needing a flare gun to flag someone down. I’ve walked in and been seated right away as well as stood around waiting for someone to notice me and show me to a table. I have noticed that during the busy times, it does look like they could use one more waitress as I’ve only ever seen at most 2 girls working (not including the person behind the bar).

In terms of prices, it’s actually a pretty affordable place for West Hollywood. Entreés range between $7-16 and most couples can eat there for $30-40, not including alcohol, and most likely will have leftovers.

If you’re out wandering West Hollywood, Kung Pao Kitty is a decent choice to eat at if you don’t want to do fast food or spend too much money.

The Catty Critic gives Kung Pao Kitty 3 1/2 NOMs.

Kung Pao Kitty Asian Eatery
6445 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323-465-0110
Price: $$
Kung Pao Kitty on Urbanspoon


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  1. Highly impressed, discovered your site on Yahoo!.Glad I finally tested it out. Not sure if its my Safari browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really tiny? Anyway, love your post and will return.Bye

    • Hi Marica,


      As for the font issue, I think it maybe your browser? I use Firefox and have never had seen an issue. Same goes for IE.

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