Pupusa: Round 1

Every Wednesday, there’s a farmer’s market across the street from where I live. Lots of organic fruits n’ veggies for decent prices. There’s also a few food stands – a chicken rotisserie, Peruvian and a pupusaria. I’ve never had a pupusa and decided to try one.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was eating so I had to wiki it…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pupusa. Short summary – it’s a thick hand-made tortilla from El Salvador that usually has beans, meat, cheese or some other stuff mixed into it.

From what I could see, there was a big bowl of dough and the lady cooking would take a handful, flatten it out and then throw it on a grill. The menu showed an array of pupusa fillings: chicken n’ cheese, pork n’ cheese, shrimp, veggies, beans. I opted for the chicken n’ cheese.

For $2, I got one pupusa, a side of some sort of cabbage slaw and some hot sauce. By the time I got home, the hot sauce and slaw mixed together so I don’t know if the slaw was spicy on its own. I believe so as I saw some bits of jalapeno in it. It was tasty for sure, lots of flavor and crunch.

As for the pupusa, I have to say that since I’ve never had it before, I have no basis for what a good pupusa should be like but I don’t think this was it. This was bland and doughy. I was wondering where the chicken and cheese was. As you can see from the picture (well, sort of…camera phones ftw), it was there but you couldn’t taste it over the tortilla. My taste buds were sad. But for $2, I can’t say I wasted my money. A couple of those pupusas would make for a filling, though tasteless, lunch. But when you’re living cheap…hey, it’s something different than Top-o-rama.


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