Boa – Las Vegas

In the Forum Shops (Caesar’s Place) is a well-known steakhouse, BOA.

Saturday night, we and 3 other couples gathered there for a birthday dinner. We had 8:30 reservations and due to the Mayweather-Hatton fight, it was not as busy as I thought it would be.

After we get seated, our waiter comes by with our menus. This waiter, by far, was one of the best I have ever encountered. He knew his wines, had good recommendations, was attentive, polite and just all around fabulous. We start off with a couple of bottles of red wine based on his recommendations for our price range and some appetizers.

Our waiter arranged for us to get a free order of truffle nachos which were potato chips with melted gruyere cheese, diced tomatoes and since I didn’t see truffles, I’m guessing truffle oil was involved. It was mediocre as the chips were soggy and the flavor muted. However, the blue fin tuna tartare that I shared with one of the couples was fantastic. The tuna was sliced into deli-thin long pieces and covered with some sort of sauce that added a lovely sweetness and amazing flavor to the tuna. The fish quality was grand as it just melted in my mouth. Another couple had crabcakes and claimed they were the best ever. We had warm rolls that were infused with herbs and were amazingly soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside.

For our main course, Dan got the petite filet mignon with peppercorn sauce and a lobster tail. I chose the petite as well with a side of fresh horseradish (beware, quite potent compared to other places’ fresh horseradish). My piece of meat was one of the best filets I’ve ever had. It was very moist, tender and perfectly cooked to the medium rare request. Even though I did not ask for a rub, it was seasoned so well that every bite was flavorful. Dan’s lobster tail was the best lobster I ever had. It was not overcooked thus not rubbery at all and was fresh as the taste was mild but good. As sides, we all shared mashed potatoes which where whipped to a creamy goodness, truffled mac n’ cheese which were okay as it was already lukewarm when served and grilled asparagus which was quite tasty.

For dessert, I ordered a glass of Fonseca 10 yr old port and the vanilla beam creme brulee which I could not finish due to being absolutely stuffed. The brulee came with a cinammon cone of crunchiness that held blueberries and some strawberry pieces. Dan opted for the flourless chocolate cake which was just a mound of gooey chocolate deliciousness. The other two couples ordered the restaurant’s more mature take on s’mores which looked quite yummy. The roasted marshmallow was perfectly done, having the soft gooey center and crispy outer browned layer. Somewhere during that meal, a 3rd bottle of wine was ordered. Since the bottle we did want just sold out, the waiter brought another comparable selection for us instead.

Overall, thanks to Dan’s lobster, our bill came out to $300+, $80 of that being the lobster. Gotta love that “mkt price”. o_O But even though there was a slight twinge of buyer’s regret, that meal was the best that I have ever had in my life (so far) in terms of quality, taste and service. The waiter noticed that we were all in couples and divided our bill without asking into 4 separate checks to make it easier on us. Brownie points for that!

Would I go back? In a heartbeat. If only we could afford to eat like that every night…

Boa gets 5 NOMs and a whole lot of purring from this Catty Critic.  This was definitely a good case of “you got what you paid for”.
Boa Prime Grill (Caesars Palace) on Urbanspoon


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