Urban Solace

A new restaurant just opened up in the North Park area – Urban Solace. They specialize in “urban comfort food”.

For appetizers, my party of 5 ordered:
– Warm Cheese Biscuits with Orange-Honey Butter (1 order = 5 biscuits)
– Sonoma Goat Cheese/Butternut Squash Dip, Cornmeal Crackers and Baguettes
– Sweet Potato French Fries, Oregon Blue Cheese Dressing
The biscuits were delicious little calorie nuggets. The orange-honey added a sweetness that complimented the biscuit well. The dip was definitely my favorite appetizer. It was well seasoned and the goat cheese added a nice tartness to the sweetness of the squash. As for the fries, I love sweet potato fries so I was happy with these though they were a little bit over-cooked.

For my entree, I tried their special for the night – sturgeon on layers of wilted spinach and potato. I chose to substitute the potato for veggies. I had never had sturgeon before. It turned out to be a pretty dense white fish like salmon or tuna yet was very mild in flavor. They didn’t overcook the veggies (typical medley of squash, carrots, etc) or spinach which I was happy about as it is a pet peeve of mine and they were well-seasoned and not overly buttered.

Others ordered:
– Butter Braised Local Sea bass, Warm White Beans, Smoked Tomato Jam
– Cider and Molasses Glazed and Roasted half Chicken, Wilted Spinach, Caramelized Parsnips
– Monte Diego: Baked Egg Bread, Smoked Ham, Fontina Cheese, Pear Preserves

The sea bass was a little overcooked as it was rubbery but the tomato jam was heavenly. The chicken ended up being half of a pretty fat chicken and probably more than one person could eat unless you are very hungry. It was moist and flavorful and the molasses wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. The Monte Diego reminded me of a Monte Cristo. They slice their egg bread thickly but there wasn’t so much that that was all you tasted. The preserves seemed to have been mixed with some sort of berry that made for a very tasty sauce.

For dessert, I shared the black cherry soda roasted apple. It was an apple roasted in black cherry soda and served with a slice of french toast and vanilla ice cream. Quite tasty indeed, so much I wanted to lick the bowl. I also had a bite of the key lime tart which was very…er…tart.

The online menu lists the prices and they are reasonable for what you get. The portions aren’t overpoweringly huge so you do end up having room for dessert despite having noshed on appetizers on top of your main meal.

P.S. I recommend the Starboard port as well. Goes quite nicely with the black cherry soda apple dessert.

P.P.S. Sorry, I didn’t think to take pictures when I was there. Next time!

The Catty Critic gives Urban Solace 4 1/2 NOMs.

Urban Solace
3823 30th Street
San Diego, Ca 92104
(619) 295-6464
Urban Solace on Urbanspoon


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