H'kay here's the earth….

I think I’m done tweaking…more like template hunting, in actuality, but it sounds better to say that I spent the last few hours “tweaking” than “browsing”. Wait…err…what? Maybe not. Scratch that.

Anyways…onto something more exciting…like Calpico!

I’ve never had the stuff before. It’s Japanese so it must be good, right? A nation that made raw fish tasty can’t mess up anything food-related IMHO. Mmmmm…lychee flavored non-carbonated soft drink goodness. If only Costco carried this stuff… Let’s file this crack under “new addiction”. If you like lychee, you’ll totally go for this drink. If you don’t know what lychee is, you are either deprived or living in some god-forsaken area…Kansas, perhaps?

“CALPICO tastes like nothing else in the world. Refreshing and light, sweet and tangy flavors.” Frankly, I thought it tasted like lychee…

“Naturally and artificially flavored”. Oh cool! Two methods of flavoring for the price of one. BARGAIN!

Let’s discuss the packaging real quick. +5 to retail power due to the use of Hello Kitty because you know there are girls out there that would buy this stuff solely because of the cat. I am not one of them. Nope. I bought it for the lychee goodness. See, I’m all about what’s on the inside.

…but if the outside is cute, that doesn’t hurt….



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